no image Heat-Flex™ Hi-Temp 1200 ambient corrosion performance.


Heat-Flex™ Hi-Temp 1200 ambient corrosion performance. - 26/10/2018

Heat-Flex™ Hi-Temp 1200, Sherwin-Williams next generation CUI solution for high heat applications, has been fully tested according to ISO12944-9 – making it the only high heat CUI coating to achieve this level of corrosion performance without heat curing.

Widely used in the oil and gas industry for the protection of pipes and valves, Heat-Flex™ Hi-Temp 1200 exhibits excellent flexibility and long term durability – consistently outperforming comparable alternatives in resistance to heat, corrosion and thermal shock.

Ambient corrosion performance is extremely important when bulk valves and pipes are shipped long distances to project sites, often in highly corrosive environments (C5 or CX).

Damage is inevitable but using Heat-Flex™ Hi-Temp 1200 does not result in heavy corrosion or expensive remedial repair on-site – making it the only real high heat coating solution for ambient corrosion exposure.

Figure 1 – Summary of ISO 12944-9 (formerly ISO 20340) ageing test results for High Durability (> 15 years) in CX extreme corrosivity offshore environments.

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