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Resucoat HB

High performance high build floor coatings

Colour your world with Resucoat HB

Now available in RAL and bespoke colours in single units.


Passive fire protection – ultra fast drying intumescent

Time on your side

Where speed is key, the ultimate in fast drying application and steel coating throughput. Only one hour to cure, two hours to handle and damage resistant properties.

Fast Clad™ 7220

Fast curing zinc phosphate - epoxy coating

Fast cure and application even at -5°C

Fast Clad™ 7220 is a user friendly, fast curing zinc phosphate epoxy coating for corrosion protection of steel that combines fast throughput with unparalleled quality of application.

Tank and pipe linings

Comprehensive guide

It's what's on the inside that matters

For the extreme world of product storage and oil & gas production our portfolio has a lining for every scenario.

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