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World Heritage Status For Iconic Bridge Protected By Sherwin-Williams - 29/07/2015

The iconic Forth Rail Bridge, protected by a specialist paint from world-leading coatings manufacturer Sherwin-Williams, has been named a World Heritage Site.

The landmark red bridge, standing 110metres high and 2,467metres in length, was opened in 1890 after almost a decade of construction.

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it joins other Scottish landmarks including St Kilda, and the old and new towns in Edinburgh, and global sites including the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China.

Prior to Sherwin-Williams’ involvement, the painting of the bridge was famous for being a never-ending job. But the paint and coatings specialist worked with Network Rail and contractor Balfour Beatty to supply a protective system which would offer the bridge 25 years of protection against corrosion.

Due to the bridge’s location, the 230,000 sq metres of steelwork faces an aggressive environment including high winds and sea mists.

Ultimately Sherwin-Williams’ Transgard TG223 blast primer, Transgard TG123, an epoxy glass flake build coat and an acrylic urethane finish, Transgard TG168 were used in a three coat system.

The bridge was described by UNESCO in its report: "This enormous structure, with its distinctive industrial aesthetic and striking red colour, was conceived and built using advanced civil engineering design principles and construction methods.

"Innovative in design, materials and scale, the Forth Bridge is an extraordinary and impressive milestone in bridge design and construction during the period when railways came to dominate long-distance land travel."

Dave Bottomley, technical manager at Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, explains that the system was chosen due to its excellent adhesion and anti-corrosion properties acting as a barrier against the harsh weather conditions. It was also vital to maintain the striking red oxide colour of the bridge.

He said: “It was a real privilege for the team to be part of the project to protect the Forth Rail Bridge, and to see it become a World Heritage Site is a real inspiration.

“The bridge stands in a truly challenging environment, and by offering a protective system that could not only maintain the iconic colour of the bridge and act as a barrier to the weather conditions but also offer 25 years’ protection was a result we are all proud of.”

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