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Integrity is at the heart of who we are as a Company. We were established as a principled, ethical enterprise. Today, integrity is reflected in our people, our products, and our business practices and relationships. We keep our promises to one another, to our customers, and to our shareholders.



People represent the foundation and future of our success. At Sherwin-Williams, we’re proud of the company we keep – our family of loyal employees. We are committed to providing our people safe and healthy working environments with opportunities to learn, grow, be rewarded, and to be recognised for their achievements. We are also committed to valuing the diversity of individuals, cultures, and points of view, and improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.



Service that is exemplary, personal, and professional, accompanied by the strongest product knowledge and supply chain in our industry, provides our customers with confidence in our products and coatings solutions.



Quality was an early element found in our Company’s success. From our beginning, our founders insisted upon products, processes, and people of the highest quality. Today, this dedication to be the best continues. With a strong commitment to continuous improvement, we challenge ourselves to set the industry standard for excellence in colours, products, and coatings that preserve, protect, and beautify.



Performance that achieves desired results and that sets an example for others is encouraged, recognised, and rewarded. Our people and products deliver exceptional results. Accordingly, ours is a results-oriented culture. We set high expectations for – and take care to measure and reward – the achievement of challenging goals.



Innovation ensures that our customers will be the first to benefit from pioneering advancements in our products, coatings, and their applications. At Sherwin-Williams, expansive thinking and innovation is encouraged through challenging assumptions and by leveraging our collective ingenuity and imagination for new ideas and inspiration.



Growth tempered by discipline is a hallmark of our organisation. “To grow in knowledge and character as well as in size,” was an early guiding principle of our Company. Today, we remain faithful to that principle as we continue to cover the earth with our products and services while protecting the natural resources of our planet. We are committed to growth that is disciplined and sustainable, and that which is intended to benefit our shareholders, customers, and our employees

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