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The FIRETEX® Design Estimator 2.0 (FDE 2.0) can design fire protection thicknesses and volumes at the click of a button, giving accurate estimates for a vast range of steel members, including the latest design process for cellular beams.


The software has the capability to deal with any type of steel section including Plate Profiles as well as designs based on engineers’ specific limiting temperatures. Structural Fire Engineering to both British Standard & Eurocode is also available


TEKLA Plug-in


A new and ground breaking TEKLA plug-in has been developed by the FEET team and consists of a series of windows that are completed (either by default) or populated by the TEKLA user.


Once the information is input in TEKLA, all it takes is a couple of clicks and the information is sync’d directly into the FDE, where the DFT/WFT is automatically calculated. Before the introduction of this new software, it would take days/weeks interrogating every single cellular beam in a model (usually multi-storey buildings, often 20+ floors) to achieve the same result. The old process was time-consuming and more susceptible to human error, as it involved manually measuring each dimension of opening in the web of the beam. Results can now be achieved by just a couple of clicks of a button.


This will improve speed and efficiency for the customer, reduce manual error and give much better forecasting and ordering capability


The TEKLA plug-in windows are designed to replicate the FIRETEX® Design Estimator, the software is available free of charge from the FEET team.


The FIRETEX® Design Estimator 2.0 with NEW TEKLA plug-in is available, free of charge from the FEET team please contact them on


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