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Zinc Clad™ 4700

Epoxy zinc primer coating

Zinc Clad™ 4700 is a SSPC Paint 20 type 2, level 3 compliant fast curing zinc epoxy primer that has been tested and proven to provide zinc rich level of performance at optimized zinc loads. Its user friendliness and excellent performance in environments up to C5 (very high corrosivity according to ISO 12944:2018), combined with fast drying properties, makes Zinc Clad™ 4700 the smart way to deliver performance, as part of high performance protective coating system for atmospheric exposure.

Product features

■ Excellent anticorrosive protection.

■ Third party validated.

■ SSPS Paint 20 type 2 level 3.

■ Optimised zinc dust level for performance and adhesion

■ Fast to handle.

■ Low temperature curing down to 5°C.

■ Easy to apply.

Examples of use by Industry

■ Civil infrastructure (buildings, stadiums, transportation networks).

■ Oil & gas industry.

■ Power generation – fossil.

■ Power generation – renewable.

Curing Times
@ 5°C @ 15°C @ 23°C
Dry to touch: 28 mins 25 mins 20 mins
Dry to recoat: 6 hrs 5 hrs 4 hrs
Dry to handle: 16 hrs 14 hrs 12 hrs


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