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Product Product Code Description
Acrolon™ 1850 A1850 Acrylic Epoxy Finish
Acrolon™ 7300 PA7300 Acrylic Urethane Gloss Finish
Acrolon™ C137V2 C137V2 Acrylic Polyurethane Finish
Acrolon™ C237 C237 Acrylic Polyurethane Finish
ACROLON™ C750V2 C750V2 Acrylic Epoxy Finish
Acrolon™ C755V2 C755V2 Acrylic Epoxy Primer Finish
Degreaser™ W500 W500 Degreaser
Dura-Plate™ 301K D301K Moisture Tolerant Solvent-Free Epoxy
Dura-Plate™ 301S D301S Surface Tolerant
Dura-Plate™ 301W D301W Surface Tolerant
Dura-Plate™ UHS D335 Epoxy Tank Lining
Envirolastic™ 940 DTM E940 Polyaspartic Primer Finish
Envoy™ TF500 TF500 Antifouling
Epidek™ L716 L716 Epoxy Deck Coating
Epidek™ M153 M153 Epoxy Deck Coating
Epidek™ M339 M339 Epoxy Deck Coating
Epidek™ M377 M377 Epoxy Deck Coating
Epidek™ M689 M689 Epoxy Floor Sealer
Epo-Phen™ FF E350 Epoxy Phenolic
Fast Clad™ ER E130 Epoxy Tank Lining
FIRETEX® 1002 FX1002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® 2002 FX2002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® 5000 FX5000 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® C69 C69 Epoxy Blast Primer
FIRETEX® FFC250 FFC250 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX1002 FX1002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX1003 FX1003 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX1004 FX1004 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX1005 FX1005 Solvent Based Intumscent
FIRETEX® FX13381-1 FX13381-1 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX13381-2 FX13381-2 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX2002 FX2002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX2003 FX2003 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX2004 FX2004 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX2005 FX2005 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX4002 FX4002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX5060 FX5060 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX5062 FX5062 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX5090 FX5090 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX5120 FX5120 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX6000 FX6000 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX8002 FX8002 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX9500 FX9500 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® J120 J120 Scim Cloth
FIRETEX® J220 J220 Scim Cloth
FIRETEX® M72 M72 Intumescent Filler
FIRETEX® M72 M72 Intumescent Topcoat
FIRETEX® M89-02 M89/02 Epoxy Insulant
FIRETEX® M90 M90 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® M90-02 M90/02 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® M93-02 M93/02 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® M95-02 M95/02 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® SC1 B59SC1 Firetex SC1
Heat-Flex™ 3500 B59A350 High Temp Coating
Heat-Flex™ Hi-Temp 1200 H1200 High Temp Coating
Heat-Flex™ M505 M505 High Temp Coating
Macropoxy™ 5400 M5400 Epoxy Barrier Primer
Macropoxy™ 646 M646 Epoxy Primer Finish
Macropoxy™ C123 C123 Epoxy Glass Flake
Macropoxy™ C251 C251 Epoxy Phenolic
Macropoxy 267 C267V3 Epoxy Undercoat/Mio
Macropoxy 400 C400V3 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
MACROPOXY™ C401 C401 Epoxy Undercoat/MIO
MACROPOXY™ C402 C402 A High Solids 2-pack Epoxy, Pigmented With Micaceous Iron
MACROPOXY™ C402V2 C402V2 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
MACROPOXY™ C425V2 C425V2 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
Macropoxy™ C88 C88 Epoxy Primer Finish
Macropoxy™ G280 G280 Epoxy Blast Primer
Macropoxy™ H766 H766 Epoxy Finish
Macropoxy™ K267 K267 Epoxy Undercoat/Mio
Macropoxy™ L425 L425 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
Macropoxy™ L524 L524 Epoxy Barrier Primer
Macropoxy™ L574 L574 Epoxy Blast Primer
MACROPOXY™ L674 L674 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
Macropoxy™ M111 M111 Epoxy Blast primer
Macropoxy™ M262 M262 Epoxy Finish
Macropoxy™ M330 M330 Epoxy Tie Coat
Macropoxy™ M400 M400 Epoxy Barrier Primer
Macropoxy™ M455V2 M455V2 Epoxy Primer Finish
MACROPOXY™ M630V2 M630V2 Water Based Epoxy
Macropoxy™ M902 M902 Surface Tolerant
Macropoxy™ M905 M905 Epoxy Undercoat/MIO
Macropoxy™ M922 M922 Epoxy Glass Flake
Macropoxy™ M922M M922M Surface Tolerant
Macropoxy™ P100 P100 Epoxy Flowline Coating
Macropoxy™ P101 P101 Epoxy Flowline Coating
Macropoxy™ P200 P200 Epoxy Glass Flake
Magnalux™ 40V 40V Vinyl Ester Glass Flake
Magnalux™ 41V 41V Vinyl Ester Glass Flake
Magnalux™ P1 P1 Holding Primer For Vinyl Ester Systems
Magnalux™ T41V T41V Vinyl Ester Glass Flake
Mordant Wash™ L703 L703 Mordant Wash
Nova-Plate™ 325 N325 Epoxy Tank Lining
Nova-Plate™ UHS N990 Epoxy Tank Lining
Opti-Check™ OAP OAP Technology
Phenicon™ HS E820HS Epoxy Phenolic
Pro-Cryl™ 7000 PRO7000 Epoxy Blast Primer
Sher-Cryl™ M770 M770 Water Based Acrylic Finish
Kem-Kromik 165 A165 Alkyd Finish
Kem-Kromik 530 C530 Alkyd Finish
Kem-Kromik 489 L489 Alkyd Primer
Sherwin™ L654 L654 Alkyd Undercoat
Kem-Kromik 155 M155 Alkyd Primer
Kem-Kromik 255 M255 Alkyd Primer
Sherwin™ M535 M535 Vinyl Primer-Tiecoat
Sherwin™ M600 M600 Alkyd Primer
Kem-Kromik 671 M671 Alkyd Undercoat
Smart Strip™ Smart Strip Paint Stripper
Thinners C1 C1 Cleanser/Thinners
Thinners C2 C2 Cleanser/Thinners
Thinners C4 C4 Cleanser/Thinners
Thinners C5 C5 cCleanser/Thinners
Thinners C9 C9 Cleanser/Thinners
Thinners C13 C13 Cleanser/Thinners
Thinners C15 C15 Cleanser/Thinners
Thinners C50 C50 Cleanser/Thinners
Transgard™ TG110 TG110 Transgard Highways
Transgard™ TG111V2 TG111V2 Transgard Highways
Transgard™ TG115 TG115 Transgard Highways
Transgard™ TG116 TG116 Transgard Highways
Transgard™ TG169 TG169 Transgard Highways
Zinc Clad™ II EU D5V2 Ethyl Zinc Silicate Primer
Zinc Clad™ IV 80% B480B Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
Zinc Clad™ IV 85% B430B Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
Zinc Clad™ J984 J984 Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
Zinc Clad™ J984BS J984BS Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
Zinc Clad™ M501 M501 Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer


Product Name Product Code Recommended Alternative Product
Cor-Cote™ FCC800 C800 Fast Clad™ER Or Nova-Plate™ 325
Duraglass™ 51V 51V
Duraglass™ WT1 WT1
Epigrip™ C267V2 C267V2 Macropoxy 267
Epigrip™ F122 F122
Epigrip™ H735-H736 H735-H736
Epigrip™ L653 L653 Macropoxy™ C88
Epigrip™ M216 M216
Epigrip™ M571 M571
Epigrip™ Sub C450 C450
FIRETEX® H180 H180
Leighs™ F410 F410
Leighs™ M373V3 M373V3
Metagard™ K232 K232 Zinc Clad™ J984BS
Resistex™ K651 K651
TG168™ TG168 Acrolon™ C137V2
Winterfast™ M901 M901 Macropoxy™ M905 (MIO)

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