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Product Product Code Description
ACROLON™ 1850 A1850 Acrylic Epoxy Finish
ACROLON™ 7300 A7300 Acrylic Urethane Gloss Finish
ACROLON™ C137V2 C137V2 Acrylic Urethane Gloss Finish
ACROLON™ C237 C237 Acrylic Urethane Sheen Finish
ACROLON™ C750V2 C750V2 Isocyanate free - two pack finish based on acrylic epoxy binder system.
DEGREASER™ W500 W500 Degreaser
DURA-PLATE™ 301K D301K Moisture Tolerant Solvent-Free Epoxy
DURA-PLATE™ 301W D301W Moisture Tolerant Solvent-Free Epoxy
DURA-PLATE™ UHS D335 Epoxy Tank Lining
ENVIROLASTIC™ 940 DTM E940 Polyaspartic Primer Finish
EPIDEK™ L716 L716 Epoxy Deck Coating
EPIDEK™ M153 M153 Epoxy Deck Coating
EPIDEK™ M339 M339 Epoxy Deck Coating
EPIDEK™ M377 M377 Epoxy Deck Coating
EPIDEK™ M689 M689 Epoxy Floor Sealer
EPO-PHEN™ FF E350 Epoxy Phenolic
FAST CLAD™ 7220 FC7220 Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Coating
FAST CLAD™ ER E130 ER Epoxy With OPTI-Check OAP Technology
FAST-CLAD™ 7240 FC7240 A multi-functional low temperature curing phenalkylated epoxy Intermediate pigmented with micaceous iron oxide
FIRETEX® 1002 FX1002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® 2002 FX2002 Solvent based Intumescent
FIRETEX® 5000 FX5000 Water based Intumescent
FIRETEX® C69 C69 Epoxy Blast Primer
FIRETEX® FFC250 FFC250 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX1002 FX1002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX1003 FX1003 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX1004 FX1004 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX1005 FX1005 Solvent Based Intumscent
FIRETEX® FX13381-1 FX13381-1 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX13381-2 FX13381-2 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX2002 FX2002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX2003 FX2003 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX2004 FX2004 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX2005 FX2005 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX4002 FX4002 Solvent Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX5060 FX5060 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX5062 FX5062 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX5090 FX5090 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX5120 FX5120 Water Based Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX6000 FX6000 Methacrylate Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX6002 FX6002 Ultra Fast Drying Intumescent
FIRETEX® FX9500 FX9500 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® J120 J120 Scim Cloth
FIRETEX® J220 J220 Scim Cloth
FIRETEX® M71V2 M71V2 Intumescent Topcoat
FIRETEX® M72 M72 Intumescent Topcoat
FIRETEX® M89-02 M89/02 Syntactic Epoxy Insulant
FIRETEX® M90-02 M90/02 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® M93-02 M93/02 Epoxy Intumescent
FIRETEX® SC1 B59SC1 Firetex SC1
HEAT-FLEX™ 3500 B59A350 Thermal Insulative Coating
HEAT-FLEX™ HI-TEMP 1200 H1200 High Temp Coating
HEAT-FLEX™ M505 M505 Heat Resisting Matt Finish
KEM-KROMIK 155 M155 Alkyd Primer
KEM-KROMIK 165 A165 Alkyd Finish
KEM-KROMIK 255 M255 Alkyd Primer
KEM-KROMIK 489 L489 Alkyd Primer
KEM-KROMIK 530 C530 Alkyd Finish
KEM-KROMIK 671 M671 Alkyd Undercoat
MACROPOXY 267 C267V3 Epoxy Undercoat/Mio
MACROPOXY 400 C400V3 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
MACROPOXY™ 646 M646 Epoxy Primer Finish
MACROPOXY™ C123 C123 Epoxy Glass Flake
MACROPOXY™ C251 C251 Epoxy Phenolic
MACROPOXY™ C401 C401 A high solids 2-pack epoxy, pigmented with micaceous iron
MACROPOXY™ C402V2 C402V2 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
MACROPOXY™ C425V2 C425V2 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
MACROPOXY™ G280 G280 Epoxy Blast Primer
MACROPOXY™ H766 H766 Epoxy Finish
MACROPOXY™ K267 K267 Epoxy Undercoat/Mio
MACROPOXY™ L425 L425 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
MACROPOXY™ L524 L524 Epoxy Barrier Primer
MACROPOXY™ L574 L574 Epoxy Blast Primer
MACROPOXY™ L674 L674 A 2-pack epoxy zinc phosphate blast primer
MACROPOXY™ M111 M111 Epoxy Blast primer
MACROPOXY™ M262 M262 Epoxy Finish
MACROPOXY™ M330 M330 Epoxy Tie Coat
MACROPOXY™ M455V2 M455V2 Epoxy Primer Finish
MACROPOXY™ M630V2 M630V2 Water Based Epoxy
MACROPOXY™ M902 M902 Surface Tolerant Primer
MACROPOXY™ M905 M905 Epoxy Undercoat/MIO
MACROPOXY™ M922 M922 Epoxy Glass Flake
MACROPOXY™ M922M M922M Surface Tolerant
MACROPOXY™ P100 P100 Epoxy Flowline Coating
MACROPOXY™ P101 P101 Epoxy Flowline Coating
MACROPOXY™ P200 P200 Epoxy Glass Flake
MORDANT WASH™ L703 L703 Mordant Wash
NOVA-PLATE™ 325 N325 High Temperature High Pressure Resistant Tank Lining
NOVA-PLATE™ UHS N990 Epoxy Topcoat
OPTI-CHECK™ OAP OAP technology
PHENICON™ HS E820HS VOC-compliant epoxy novolac phenolic coating formulated for use as an internal lining for tanks used to hold crude oil and most refined petroleum products including unleaded gasoline
PHOENIX 170-120 170-120 Phoenix 170-120 Intumescent Coating is a single component solvent based thin film intumescent coating for fire protection of structural steelwork.
PHOENIX 370-120H PH370-120H Phoenix 370-120H Water-based Intumescent Coating is a single component water based TCEP free thin film intumescent coating for fire protection of structural steelwork.
PHOENIX 370-60 PH370-60 Phoenix 370-60 Water-based Intumescent Coating is a single component water based TCEP free thin film intumescent coating for fire protection of structural steelwork.
PHOENIX 370-90 PH370-90 Phoenix 370-90 Water-based Intumescent Basecoat is a single component water based TCEP free thin film intumescent coating for fire protection of structural steelwork.
PIPECLAD® 5000 B62GV560 PIPECLAD 5000 is an ultra high solids amine cured epoxy phenolic novolac engineered specifi cally to deliver long term corrosion resistance and temperature resistance up to 203°F (95°C) to below grade Oil, LNG, and NGL pipelines, underground utilities, valves, and other equipment. It is formulated to provide outstanding resistance to impact, abrasion, chemical immersion, and from cathodic disbondment when used in combination with cathodic protection systems.
SHER-CRYL™ M770 M770 Water Based Acrylic Finish
SHERWIN™ M535 M535 Vinyl Primer-Tiecoat
THINNERS C1 C1 cleanser/thinners
THINNERS C13 C13 cleanser/thinners
THINNERS C15 C15 cleanser/thinners
THINNERS C2 C2 cleanser/thinners
THINNERS C4 C4 cleanser/thinners
THINNERS C5 C5 cleanser/thinners
THINNERS C50 C50 cleanser/thinners
THINNERS C9 C9 cleanser/thinners
TRANSGARD™ TG110 TG110 Transgard Highways
TRANSGARD™ TG111V2 TG111V2 Transgard Highways
TRANSGARD™ TG115 TG115 Transgard Highways
TRANSGARD™ TG116 TG116 Transgard Highways
TRANSGARD™ TG169 TG169 Transgard Highways
ZINC CLAD™ 4700 ZC4700 Epoxy zinc primer coating
ZINC CLAD™ II EU D5V2 Ethyl Zinc Silicate Primer
ZINC CLAD™ IV 85% B430 Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
ZINC CLAD™ IV EU M501 Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
ZINC CLAD™ J984BS J984BS Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer


Product Name Product Code Recommended Alternative Product
COR-COTE™ FCC800 C800 Fast Clad™ER Or Nova-Plate™ 325
EPIGRIP™ C267V2 C267V2 Macropoxy™ C267V3
EPIGRIP™ C490 C490 Macropoxy™ C400W
EPIGRIP™ C490ZP C490ZP Macropoxy™ C400W
EPIGRIP™ F122 F122
EPIGRIP™ H735-H736 H735-H736
EPIGRIP™ L653 L653 Macropoxy™ C88
EPIGRIP™ M216 M216
EPIGRIP™ M571 M571
FIRETEX® H180 H180
LEIGHS™ F410 F410
LEIGHS™ M373V3 M373V3
TG168™ TG168 Acrolon™ C137V2
WINTERFAST™ M901 M901 Macropoxy™ M905 (MIO)

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