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Macropoxy™ 646MR

Mildew resistant epoxy primer finish

Do you have a problem with the build-up of mildew on your storage tanks and pipework?

This is a common issue faced on tank storage facilities, refineries, chemical processing plants and a wide range of other industrial assets, particularly in coastal location. Macropoxy™ 646MR is a mildew resistant epoxy finish that can be applied direct to metal. The high solids, high build, fast drying polyamide epoxy is designed to provide durable protection to steel structures while resisting the build-up of mildew often experienced during industrial exposure.

It is designed to fulfill the needs of both new construction and maintenance painting to steel, aluminium or galvanised steel.


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Features & benefits:

■ Mildew resistant.

■ Ensure your asset aesthetics for longer.

■ Reduces need to wash mildew from tank/pipe externals.

■ Provides durable and proven corrosion protection.

■ When applied in white, it ensures good solar reflection for longer to reduce heat intake surface tolerant.

■ Simple to apply using brush, roller and airless spray.

■ Can be applied over existing systems without complete removal of coating.

■ Cost effective application.

Industries covered:

■ Storage terminals

■ Oil refineries

■ Storage tanks shells and fixed roofs

■ Floating roofs

■ Vessels

■ Pipelines

Drying Schedule at 175 microns:
50% RH @ 2°C @ 25°C @ 38°C
To touch: 5 hrs 2 hrs 1.5 hrs
To handle: 48 hrs 8 hrs 4.5 hrs

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