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Fast Clad™ 7220

Fast curing zinc phosphate epoxy coating

Fast Clad™ 7220 is a user friendly fast curing zinc phosphate epoxy coating for corrosion protection of steel that combines fast throughput with unparalleled quality of application. Its innovative phenalkylated epoxy technology and balanced formula combines short recoat and handling times with ease of application and perfect film forming, even at low temperatures, previously not possible. Keeps fast curing even at low temperatures (three hours to recoat at 5ºC). Can cure down to -5ºC.

Product characteristics

Volume solids: 68%.

VOC: 255g/litre.

WFT (µm): 112

DFT (µm): 75

Average drying times
@ -5°C @ 0°C @ 5°C @ 15°C @ 23°C
To touch: 50 mins 45 mins 40 mins 30 mins 15 mins
To recoat: 5 hrs 4 hrs 3 hrs 2 hrs 1 hr
To handle: 7 hrs 5.5 hrs 4.5 hrs 3 hrs 4 hrs


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Product features

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