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Fast Clad™ 7240

Fast curing epoxy MIO primer / intermediate coating

Fast Clad™ 7240 is a user friendly, rapid curing epoxy, pigmented with micaceous iron oxide (MIO) giving it superior barrier protection. Fast Clad™ 7240 can be used in conjunction with high performance primers for very high durability up to C5 high corrosivity environments or direct to metal up to C4 environments (as defined by ISO 12944:2018). Its innovative phenalkylated epoxy technology and balanced formula combines rapid curing times with ease of application making it the ideal choice where productivity is required.

Product features

■ Rapid to recoat.

■ Fast to handle.

■ Low temperature curing down to -5°C.

■ Excellent application properties.

■ Brush and roller applied.

■ Hard, abrasion resistant film reducing repairs on-site.

■ Excellent corrosion protection.

■ Boost production rates.

■ ISO 12944:2018 third party approved from C2 up to C5 corrosivity categories and up to very high durability (>25 years).

Examples of use by Industry

■ Civil infrastructure (buildings, stadiums, transportation networks).

■ Oil & gas industry.

■ Power generation – fossil.

■ Power generation – renewable.

■ Manufacturing and processing industries.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM):

■ Pumps and valves.

■ Heavy machinery.

■ Cranes.

■ Transportation equipment.

Curing Times
@ -5°C @ 0°C @ 5°C @ 15°C @ 23°C
Dry to touch: 50 mins 45 mins 40 mins 30 mins 15 mins
Dry to recoat: 5 hrs 4 hrs 3 hrs 2 hrs 1 hrs
Dry to handle: 7 hrs 5.5 hrs 4.5 hrs 4 hrs 3 hrs




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