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MacropoxyTM 646 Aerosol

Now available in the UK, MACROPOXYTM 646 AEROSOL is a two component fast drying, polyamide epoxy that has been packaged in a single aerosol to protect steel in an industrial environment. The packaging makes it the ideal product for use in maintenance situations due its ease of application in a range of environments. Excellent way to provide short term corrosion protection prior to larger maintenance campaigns.

Product features:

■ Two pack product in a single can

■ Easy to use

■ No mixing

■ No application equipment

■ Ideal for small repairs on industrial assets

■ Provides short term protection

■ Minimal surface preparation (St2 / St3)

Target End Uses:

■ Offshore platforms

■ Refineries

■ Chemical plants

■ Power plants

■ Bridges and highways


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