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Acrolon™ 7300

High solids acrylic polyurethane finish

Acrolon™ 7300 is an acrylic polyurethane finish for high performance protective coating systems. Available globally, Acrolon™ 7300 can be supplied with a gloss or semi-gloss finish in a full range of colors. It provides a high quality finish with excellent gloss and color retention while reducing VOC emissions due to its high solids content. Boasting extensive third party approvals it is recommended for use across oil & gas, power and infrastructure applications or any other industry facing harsh exposure whilst demanding high durability.

Product features

■ Higher solids then average in the market place.

■ Global availability.

■ Gloss and semi-gloss shades in a single formula.

■ Available in a wide range of colours.

■ Suitable for shop or site application.

■ Fast to handle.

■ Excellent aesthetics (smooth film).

■ Covering all scenarios of atmospheric corrosion protection of uninsulated steel.

■ ISO 12944:2018 approved: C2 to C5 corrosivity categories up to very high durability (>25 years).

■ ISO 12944:2018-9 (former ISO 20340) approved: CX corrosivity to maximum durability (>15 years).

■ Norsok M-501 Rev 6 approved: System 1 (atmospheric exposure).

Examples of use by industry.

■ Steel structures.

■ Storage tanks external areas.

■ Steel bridges.

■ Offshore platforms.

■ Marine applications.

■ High performance architecture applications.

Curing Times
@ 10°C @ 25°C @ 35°C
Dry to touch: 1.5 hrs 50 min 40 min
Dry to handle: 27 hrs 6 hrs 3 hrs

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