no image Protection For Steel Structures Reaches New Level


Protection For Steel Structures Reaches New Level
- 22/07/2014

The development of protection for structural steel in the modern civil construction industry in Europe, Middle East and Africa has been taken to a new level by specialist manufacturer Sherwin-Williams.

With protection for up to 60 minutes, the unique features of FIRETEX FX5062 mean greater design flexibility and lower loadings are now possible across a diverse range of steel sections, with reduced downtime.

Developed for on-site application, the water-based thin-film intumescent coating satisfies the requirements of those customers who also want the highest performance with aesthetic and environmental considerations of design for today’s civil construction industry.

The breakthrough coating can be applied as a high-build single coat, designed for use in dry controlled environments without top coats - meeting the requirements of ISO 12944-2: 2007 - and semi-controlled environments with a top coat to ISO 12944-2: 2007.

Accreditations include Certifire and the recently revised ASFP Yellow Book Rev 5, including the fire testing protocol for cellular beam protection. Application can be through standard airless spray equipment including petrol-powered pumps.

Rick Perkins, FIRETEX Project Development Manager for Sherwin Williams Protective & Marine Coatings EMEA, said: “The research and development, testing and certification behind this technology enables greater flexibility of loadings for complex steel structures, giving designers and contractors the confidence they need.

“The high build and ease of application mean there are real benefits with less downtime for project construction and maintenance of these structures when necessary.”

The FIRETEX FX5062 technology complements the range of FIRETEX products for all Passive Fire Protection requirements from Sherwin Williams, independently tested, verified and certified to the most stringent and up-to-date standards.

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