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Innovating for the future - 20/02/2018

As a poly-chemist I am at the leading edge of flooring technology, and as a member of the team at RSL, I'm part of one of the UK's leading specialist manufacturers of industrial seamless coatings and screeds, which which means we can drive innovation through market demand, says Ali Kalantar, Research and Development Director.

Over the last 30 years RSL has established a strong reputation for developing proven floor and wall resin formulas and now has one of the largest ranges of resin surfaces products in Europe with a growing international customer base.

During the last 25 years in the industry I have seen numerous changes, not least a great improvement in efficiency using nano-technology. We also have much greater accuracy in product manufacture and formulation thanks to digital technology. But one of the most important improvements we have engineered is to reduce the environmental impact of our products, thanks to a decrease in the use of VOCs as a solvent.

RSL is active in about nine market sectors and all have plenty of scope for growth. We need to continue to fully understand the demands of those sectors and manufacture products which meet their needs. However, the stand out market is the food and drink industry, which has always attracted investment thanks to population growth worldwide and the regulatory demands for hygienic food processing environments. We are focussed on innovation in this sector, improving our products and adapting them to offer solutions which cover the full range of demands placed on them, both physically and from a compliance perspective.

Our emphasis is firmly on innovation, so that we can offer fresh, better performing solutions to our customers, as befits a market leader, while being mindful of changing regulations which affect product formulation and application.

The environment remains top of our research agenda as we push for greener products and customers continue to demand durability but with recycling potential for when products reach the end of their working life.

If we can meet the challenges posed by safety, environmental considerations, product efficiency, cost and the ever changing market place, the industry will remain in good health.

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