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Breakthrough range pushes the boundaries - 21/03/2018

A breakthrough range of solvent-free resin flooring products is changing the face of specification for commercial and industrial market sectors with environmental benefits for customers.

Elladur, developed by Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, pushes the boundaries of technology with its family of solvent-free products combined with its high-performance application.

For the first time in the flooring industry, a product has been developed which reduces the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with rapid curing, reducing turnaround times to hours rather than days.

Elladur™ – created by a specialist team of chemists – has taken the very best of polyaspartic technology to new levels making it easier and safer for applicators and allowing fast return to service.

Customers also benefit from its UV stability which means no discolouring and its non-tainting properties with no lingering unwanted odours.

For fast-moving manufacturing and industrial markets including warehousing, food and drink, health and pharmaceuticals, it means the protection can be applied with minimal disruption to working operations, removing risk of odour and tainting in the production process.

Dale Banton, of Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, said: “We have listened to our customers and come back to them with Elladur. Our advances in science and technology have enabled us to meet even higher project specifications with a dramatic reduction to almost zero in the levels of solvents.

"This range meets the most challenging requirements in VOCs, hygiene and durability while offering safe, easy handling and application.

"Some of our customers are already seeing the benefits, architects and specifiers can now specify to the highest levels for applications in these demanding sectors, safe in the knowledge that there are now products which can meet them."

The Elladur range includes Elladur SF clear and coloured materials, Elladur Deco FL fast-track decorative flake system, Elladur Deco BC using coloured quartz aggregates and Elladur LM for line markings.

Sherwin-Williams is also working towards meeting Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) assessment for the range, providing a certified score of environmental sustainability while demonstrating compliance to best practice requirements.

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