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FIRETEX® intumescent and insulation materials offer superb protection. Used on numerous projects around the world, the FIRETEX® brand has been protecting assets from cellulosic fires for more than 15 years.




Water based intumescent materials

FIRETEX® FX5062, FX5090 & FX5120

Sherwin-Williams latest generation water based acrylic coatings provide highly competitive solutions for the protection of structural steelwork for periods of 15 to 120 minutes. Designed for application to erected steelwork they are suitable for use in internal environments fitting in the ISO12944-2 corrosivity categories C1 and C2 where they will provide a long term cost effective fire protection solution.

Formulated for ease of application FIRETEX® water based intumescent coatings can be used to provide a great visual appearance on steelwork which will be visible in the finished building.

The three variants complement each other to ensure that Sherwin-Williams product offer is as competitive as possible across different fire protection periods and steel shapes and sizes.




FIRETEX® FX1003 & FX2003

Formulated using solvent borne acrylic resin technology, these materials offer a highly versatile solution to meet fire protection requirements from 15 to 120 minutes.

The testing of these products includes elemental multi-temperature evaluation; meaning the coatings can be used on simple rolled steel members and also beams which include complex arrangements of openings (cellular beams).



Ultra fast drying intumescent material

FIRETEX® FX6000 Series

This unique, patented, technology allows a two hour fire protection system to be applied in a single coat and be ready to handle in around one hour. Designed for off-site application, FX6000 Series can be used in environments up to C5 (ISO 12944-2). It has excellent mechanical properties which minimise damage from handling and erection of the coated steelwork. Where maximum throughput is a paint shop's priority FIRETEX® 6000 Series is a market leading product.



Ultra durable intumescent material


Formulated to allow application, on-site or off-site using standard airless spray equipment FIRETEX® FX9500 provides fire protection for up to two hours in all environments for simple rolled steel items and cellular beams. Not only is the material highly durable, its mechanical characteristics make it tough and resistant to the mechanical damage which can be caused by handling and erecting steelwork coated with other fire protection products.

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