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First Major Project For New Fire Protection Coating

An industry-leading fire protection coating has been utilised on its first major project, to protect part of a £45million development at one of Scotland’s leading shopping destinations.

FX6000, an intumescent coating from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, boasts ultra-rapid drying times and high durability allowing for shorter application time with associated cost savings.

The specialist system has now been used to protect a new car parking facility at Glasgow Forte shopping centre as part of a significant investment by owners British Land.

This includes a new, 600-space car park, boosting parking at the retail site by 25 per cent.

Sherwin-Williams was chosen by the design team and fabricator to provide both corrosion protection and fire protection systems for use on the structural steel as part of the car park development.

The solution for the majority of the car park was required to offer up to 20 years’ corrosion protection for the steel structure, exposed to C3 and C4 environments – medium to high corrosion categories usually featuring pollution or low to moderate salinity.

For stairwells and retail units, used as escape routes in an emergency, up to 60 minutes’ fire protection was required.

Sherwin-Williams specified Epigrip C400V3 primer for the main car park at Resistex C137V2 topcoat to be applied on site, offering protection against corrosion.

Ian Fleming of Sherwin-Williams said: “FX6000 is ideally suited for a project of this type, particularly in terms of durability, ease of use, and good aesthetic finish.

“The system is also tremendously valuable at reducing damage during transportation from shop to site, vastly reducing the need and cost involved for on-site repairs.

“This system has received excellent feedback from customers and is making a significant saving to them in both time and financial cost.”

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