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Tank Linings PRODUCTS

Product Low temperature application Single leg airless Single coat system Mix ratio Return to service <24hr HTHP service (150C) OAP (optional) Multiple uses Abrasion/ chemical resistance Crude oil approval VOC
NOVA-PLATE™ 325 10°C red green 2:1 red green red green 3+ green <50g/L
NOVA-PLATE™ UHS 13°C green green 4:1 red green green green 3 green 27g/L
MAGNALUX™ 41V 10°C green green 98:2 red green red green 3 green 150gms/L
DURA-PLATE™ UHS 10°C green green 4:1 red red green green 2 green <155g/ltr
FAST CLAD™ ER 2°C red green 1:1 green red green green 2 green <85g/ltr
PHENICON™ HS 13°C green red 4:1 red n/a green green 1 green 250g/L
EPO-PHEN™ FF 10°C green red 4:1 red green red green 1 green <250g/L
*Check with datasheet
Abrasion/chemical resistance key: 1 = Good, 2 = Better, 3 = Best, 4 = Premium.
green = Applicable.
red = Not Applicable.

*Nova-Plate™ 325 can be used as both a high pressure tank and pipe lining.

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