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White Papers (2)

Corrosion Under Insulation White Paper
SW_EMEA_eng_CUI white paper_screen

Track Records (7)

Duraplate 301 Track Record
Firetex M89 Thermal Barrier Track Record
Firetex M89 Track Record
Firetex M90 Series Track Record
FIRETEX M90 series_tr_UK
Firetex M90 Track Record
Pipeguard P100 Track Record

Case Studies (8)

Bayer Leverkusen Bayer Arena Case Study
Dura-Plate UHS_cushing_oklahoma_cs_UK
flame towers_cs_UK
Forth Rail Bridge Case Study
Heathrow Airport T5_cs_UK
Kizomba 'A' FPSO Case Study
LNG Pipeline Case Study
St. Pancras International Station Case Study

Technical Advise Library (18)

Alkyd Topcoats over FIRETEX
Approved Primer List for FIRETEX FX Range - Issue 5
Attachments to FIRETEX Coated Steelwork - Issue 2
Cladding of FIRETEX FX Range Coated Steelwork
Concrete on FIRETEX
Damage to FIRETEX
FIRETEX in Exposed Locations - Issue 2
Hempels Pre-adducted Primers
Inspection and Maintenance Regime - Issue 1
Method Statement for Shop App, Site Repair
On-site Treatments of Boltheads and Nuts - Issue 5
Passive Fire Protection of Steel
Scandinavian Market Approved Primer List - Issue 3
Stud Welding on FIRETEX Coated Beams Inc. Repair Procedure - Issue 1
Surface Salt Contamination Levels
Thin Film Intumescent Selection Advice - Issue 3
VOC Regulations
Water Based FIRETEX - Construction Phase

Product Literature (34)

Anti-Graffiti Coating interative
Anti-Graffiti Coating Sales Sheet
Dura-Plate UHS Sales Sheet
Duraplate 301 Sales Sheet
duraplate 301_ss_UK
epigrip M992M_ss_UK
Fast Clad ER Sales Sheet
FIRETEX FX5062 Sales Sheet
FIRETEX_cellulosic brochure_UK
FIRETEX_hydrocarbon brochure_UK
FX1003 FX2003 Brochure_UK
heat flex 1200_ss_UK
Intumescent Vs Cementious Brochure_UK
M71V3 Sales Sheet
M89 02 Sales Sheet
M90 Series Sales Sheet
M90 series_ss_UK
Macropoxy 646 Sales Sheet
norsok M501_system guide_UK
Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Brochure
Pipeguard P101 Sales Sheet
Product Line Oil Gas Brochure_UK
Protective and Marine Coatings Division Brochure
SW_EMEA_duraplate UHS_ss_eng
SW_EMEA_eng_epidek M153_ss_screen
SW_EMEA_eng_heat flex 1200_ss_screen
SW_EMEA_eng_offshore maintenance_si_screen
SW_EMEA_fast clad ER_ss_eng
SW_EMEA_FX waterbased brochure_screen
SW_EMEA_macropoxy 646_ss_eng
SW_EMEA_pol_FX1002_FX2002_CE brochure_screen
Water Based Greener Technologies interative
Waterline P300 Sales Sheet

Chemical Resistance (1)

duraglass 41v_chemical resistance list_UK