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85 Documents Found.

White Papers (5)

Addressing The Maintenance Challenge White Paper
Corrosion Under Insulation White Paper
Dangers of Assumed Design White Paper
No Compromise Modern Structures White Paper
Steel Structures Design Issues White Paper

Brochures (9)

FIRETEX Cellulosic Overview Brochure
FIRETEX Hydrocarbon Brochure
FIRETEX Hydrocarbon Overview Brochure
Intumescent vs Cementious Brochure
London Covered Brochure
Offshore Maintenance Brochure
Product Line Oil Gas Brochure
Protective and Marine Corporate Brochure
Tank and Pipe Linings Brochure

Case Studies (24)

Angola LNG Pipeline Case Study
Arnside Viaduct Case Study
Bayern Leverkusen Case Study
Blackfriars Rail Bridge Station Case Study
Dura-Plate UHS Cushing Oklahoma Case Study
Earls Court Underground Station Case Study
Flame Towers Case Study
Forth Rail Bridge Case Study
Glasgow Forte Car Park Case Study
Heathrow Airport T5 Case Study
Kizomba A FPSO Case Study
M5 Avonmouth Bridge Case Study
M6 Toll Road Bridges Case Study
Manchester Victoria Rail Station Case Study
Olympic Stadium Roof Case Study
Royal Albert Bridge Case Study
St Pancras International Station Case Study
Swale Crossing Case Study
Tay Rail Bridge Case Study
The Shard Case Study
Tinsley Viaduct Case Study
Tower Bridge Case Study
Waverley Railway Station Case Study
Wimbledon Case Study

Track Records (13)

Dura-Plate 301 Track Record
Envirolastic 940 DTM Track Record
FIRETEX FX1002 FX2002 Track Record
FIRETEX FX6000 Track Record
FIRETEX M89 Track Record
FIRETEX M90 Series Track Record
Heat-Flex Hi-Temp 1200 Track Record
Highways Agency Bridges Track Record
Macropoxy M922 Track Record
Macropoxy M922M Track Record
Macropoxy P100 Track Record
Network Rail Bridges Stations Track Record
Tank Linings Track Record

Technical Documents Library (3)

FIRETEX Steel Framed Car Park Protection
Magnalux 41V Chemical Resistance List
Tank Linings Chemical Resistance List

Product Information (31)

Acrolon 1850 Product Information
Anti Graffiti Product Information
Cartridges Product Information
Dura-Plate 301 Product Information
Dura-Plate UHS Product Information
Envirolastic 940 DTM Product Information
Epidek M153 Product Information
Fast Clad ER Product Information
FIRETEX FX1002_2002 CE Marked Product Information
FIRETEX FX1003_2003 Product Information
FIRETEX FX5060_5090_5120 EN Product Information
FIRETEX FX5062_5090_5120 Product Information
FIRETEX FX5120 Concrete Product Information
FIRETEX FX6000 Product Information
FIRETEX FX9500 Product Information
FIRETEX M71V2 Product information
FIRETEX M89-02 Product Information
FIRETEX M90 M90-02 M93-02 Product Information
FIRETEX M95-02 Product Information
Heat-Flex 3500 Product Information
Heat-Flex Hi-Temp 1200 Product Information
Macropoxy 646 Product Information
Macropoxy C400 Product Information
Macropoxy C88 Product Information
Macropoxy M922M Edge Retention Test
Macropoxy M922M Product Information
Macropoxy P101 Product Information
Nova-Plate 325 Product Information
Opti-Check Product Information
Pro-Cryl 7000 Product Information
Waterline P300 Product Information